Erin Kelly PR is a bold beauty + wellness firm. We do beauty (inside and out) and we believe in giving it a voice as loud as your going-out eye makeup.

We are a 360-degree PR affiliate and strategic partner in Los Angeles & New York, and we are dedicated to the powerful beauty + wellness industries. We cover every inch of the beauty world with the same judicious consciousness as you care for every inch of your body. Our roster of badass & beautiful clients are a direct reflection of how much we care about your face, your hair, your nails, your body and the skin down to your toes.

We believe in defining the strength, the confidence and the attitude of your brand. We work intimately with each client to tailor-fit goals to directly reach your target consumer audience. We are deeply proud of this industry, and thanks to you, there's such a thing as a "morning routine." Make EKPR a part of yours, and together, let's elevate it.